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SARA SOHRABI esthetician in California

My name is “Sara Sohrabi” &

I am a licensed esthetician

I have worked as an esthetician before however, I started my first spa, early 2020 exactly when Covid-19 was becoming pandemic & it was affecting many businesses and especially spas hardly. At that moment, I thought it would be great to have a private spa that only one customer will be served. 

This way, customers will feel better as it is

A 1-1 Private Dedicated Session

with no noise from other rooms, clients, etc. Furthermore, it would be more sanitized in these pandemic times where fewer people are present at one place and the process of sanitizing could be done more frequently and easily between each customer. Consequently, I started renting a place and buying product.

While many was feeling down naturally in such hard time, I started my business, dreamed about a spa where when customers would leave, they will feel good about themselves, feeling assured about privacy, no concern regarding the pandemic issues while in that spa.

In“Diba day spa”

I will provide services regarding facials, face waxing & advanced treatments such as nano-needling. I actively research new treatments and methods and I will love to bring them to my spa.

In my spare time, you can find me working out, meditating and practicing yoga (anything related to being relaxed and calm!) and I hope I can help you feel more relaxed when you come visit us!

I hope I can see you soon in Diba Day spa & please do feel free to contact me in case you had any questions or concern through my email sara.sohraby@gmail.com I regularly check it!

Diba day spa Private Dedicated Session

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