Hydrating Facial in Vancouver & Coquitlam

What is an Hydrating Facial?

A Hydrating facial is one of the most important facial treatments for the skin: only a well-moisturized skin will look younger, more beautiful and more resistant to the adverse effects of the environment. The procedure eliminates all traces of fatigue and wrinkles. This hydrating facial procedure is for everyone, regardless of age or skin type. A special composition of cosmetic products guarantees comfort and excellent skin condition. The hydrating facial is a skin care procedure that deeply and effectively moisturizes the skin and forms a protective lipid layer that prevents transepidermal moisture loss. During this procedure, products are used that combat dry skin. Most important is the moisturizing of the deep skin layers, activation of oxidation and other metabolic processes in the basal skin cells. Also very important is the preservation of accumulated moisture in the skin, with the use of these products the transepidermal loss of moisture is reduced and the resistance to harmful environmental factors is increased. The production of collagen and elastin fibers is stimulated, which strengthens connective tissue, increasing skin firmness and elasticity.

Stages of the procedure:

  • makeup removal;
  • scrub;
  • facial massage;
  • Intensive moisturizing concentrate;
  • intensive moisturizing mask;
  • Intensive moisturizing cream.


  1. Inflammatory and purulent processes in the skin;
  2. acute inflammation of the facial nerve;
  3. fever;
  4. Immunological and infectious diseases;
  5. Oncological diseases;
  6. inflammation of the triple nerve;
  7. high blood pressure;
  8. endocrine disorders.

Hydrating Facial price:

Hydrating Facial $185.00
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