Oxygen facial in Vancouver & Coquitlam

What is an oxygen facial?

Oxygen is vital and useful for our body. Oxygen therapy makes it possible to compensate for its deficiency and the related energy deficit. In the course of its application it demonstrates a number of topical advantages. Oxygen facial benefits:

  • Versatility of the method.
  • Non-invasiveness and painlessness of procedures.
  • High efficiency of the procedures.
  • High level of absorption of oxygen, applied mesococktails and useful substances – about 98% absorption.
  • No recovery period and rehabilitation.
  • Quickly visible and perceptible result with a prolonged effect.
  • Minimum list of contraindications.
  • No side effects and complications.

Facial oxygen therapy is a pleasant, relaxing procedure to eliminate oxygen starvation and provide the skin with comprehensive care: cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, stimulating, etc.

Oxygen facial price:

Oxygen Facial $230.00
Add: Scalp $40.00
Add: Décolleté $40.00
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