Face waxing in Vancouver & Coquitlam

What is an face waxing?

Facial(Face) waxing is a very delicate cosmetic procedure that is best left to a professional cosmetologist. With the apparent simplicity of the process, it is very easy to damage the delicate skin of the face by waxing yourself.

Of course, all women have facial hair, but if the owners of single, soft and colorless hairs do not seem to be a problem, those who have over the upper lip, chin or cheeks grow coarse dark hairs (the so-called “male type”), they are a serious concern. Moreover, the appearance of dark facial hair is possible even in fair-haired women: it may be due to hormonal malfunctions (or taking hormonal medications), stress, or heredity. And of course, every woman who faced this, it would seem, a small, but unpleasant problem, dreams of a clean and soft skin of the face, without any hint of unwanted vegetation.

That is why the procedure of facial hair waxing is one of the most popular in modern cosmetology. A specialist will carry it out, picking up the accompanying procedures, minimizing the discomfort of epilation and maximizing the effect of prolongation.

Face(facial) waxing price:

Face Waxing $80.00
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