Waxing nose hair
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Waxing Nose Hair

What is a waxing nose hair?

Everyone has hairs growing on the inner surface of the nostrils, which protect the respiratory organs from the penetration of small particles of garbage, dust and other dangerous suspended substances. The vegetation filters the air, which ensures the normal functioning of the lungs, preventing mechanical damage to them, poisoning, blockage and other possible troubles. And although the cilia covering the mucous membranes of the olfactory organ play an important role, they sometimes spoil the aesthetic perception of appearance. Therefore, both men and women by all available means try to get rid of them, including the method of wax depilation.

Features of the procedure Waxing nose hair

Many people prefer to do wax depilation for the reason that hair grows slowly after it, so it is necessary to repeat it infrequently. The effect can last up to 30 days.

However, for this kind of depilation requires a special wax. And you should also prepare for the fact that the procedure is very painful, even compared to shugaring. In general, both of these operations are similar, except for some differences in technological subtleties.

If we compare the wax depilation with the use for the same purpose trimmer or manicure scissors, it wins in the duration of the result.

After shaving with a special nozzle hairs can grow after 2-3 days, so the length of the vegetation again will have to adjust. Razor cuts the hair almost at its base, and depilation wax provides removal of eyelashes below the surface of the epidermis. Thus, the professional wax allows you to forget about the problem for 4 weeks.

Let’s find out what other positive aspects has wax depilation nose haid:

But waxing nose hair has a number of disadvantages. Let us list them: the method is not suitable for people with high skin sensitivity because of the painfulness; Safety is guaranteed only with the observance of the required temperature means; If the operation is carried out incorrectly, there is a risk of inflammation.

Waxing nose hair

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